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HURRICANE FACTORY ... thrills in Germany's largest wind tunnel

Embark on a virtual tour of the largest wind tunnel in Germany and get your personal flight experience in the largest wind tunnel in Germany. BOOK NOW YOUR DATE! Completely...

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Dead Chickens - Monster Cabinet - Berlin Mitte ... a wonderland of massive robot beings, clinking metal sculptures and insect-like animals.

In the Spandau suburb in the district of Berlin Mitte, the eerily freaky monster cabin can be found Monsterkabinett in the Schwarzenberg house at Hackeschen Markt,The artist...

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Christmas market "Berliner Weihnachtszeit" at the Red Town Hall

The location at the Red Town Hall around the Neptune Fountain marks the beginning, in our presentation series Virtual Christmas Markets. The landmark of the market, the...

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Virtual tour through "The" most beautiful corner "of Berlin ... the Ephraim Museum

Close to the Museum Island in the Niklaiviertel district of Berlin, the Ephraim Palace shines in proud Rococo. The landmarked museum building in the 1980s, also called the...

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A place to meet the history ... Industrial Salon Schöneweide

The Industrial Schöneweide is a presentation of the important industrial culture of Schöneweide and offers tours of the exhibition for those interested. The presentation of...

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Botanischer Garten Berlin ... a bit of heaven on earth ... especially every year again at Christmas time

The Berlin Botanic Garden in Berlin-Lichterfelde is one of the largest and most species-rich botanical gardens in the world with an area of over 43 hectares and about 22,000...

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Grand Show VIVID ... an absolut highlight that you should definitely plan for your stay in Berlin.

The press show, which took place on 04.10 in the Friedrichsstadt-Palast, put the mass of media representatives in pure ecstasy.So surprise statements such as ... "VIVID has...

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Zoologischer Garten & Aquarium Berlin ... a highlight for young and young at heart in the city

Embark on a virtual journey through the world's most species-rich zoo and the most important aquarium in Europe and gain your first endurance. Plan a live visit for your next...

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Excursion restaurant Müggelturm welcomes you on the most natural highest point of Berlin

The Müggelturm, known as Berlin's most beautiful view, stands on the Kleiner Müggelberg and is a well-known destination in the southeast of Berlin in Köpenick. The...

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New virtual reality platform, initiated by Berlin companies, is launched.

Under the auspices of the Reederei-Riedeleine, "embark.BERLIN" will set up a pioneering virtual reality platform to inspire potential guests and citizens of Berlin even more...

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